Making a living out of branding themselves, many fashion bloggers have created such a powerful web presence that their voice and opinions carry more weight than that of a traditional print ad.  Brands have long acknowledged this, directly teaming with fashion bloggers to create that “next up” buzz for new pieces and collections.  Retail chain TJ Maxx has tapped blogger Lindsey Calla in it’s Maxxinista television ads, and the latest brand to feature bloggers is Levi’s.  Recognizing the value and reach potential of a blogger with a strong social media network, companies understand the strength of the digital media network dynamic and how to use these channels to directly reach their core consumer.  In addition to that, bloggers come with a voice of credibility, lending an air of authenticity to the messaging.  Check out Levi’s Curve ID denim ad featuring New York blogger Jessie Adore.

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