Salaah Swan
Kern Baby Kern!

Hello to all my creative dearies!  My typographers, post-production video editors, graphic designers, art directors, and the like.  Of course, you can likely kern typefaces with accuracy with your eyes closed, drinking a cup of Joe, while on a conference call on your desk’s speaker phone, all while Pandora blasts your favorite station on your iPhone.

But JUST IN CASE you haven’t gotten enough of kerning in your lifetime, you can always visit and kern your little heart out, all while sharpening your immaculate typesetting and design skills.  Happy kerning!

Creative Media + Partners With

Creative Media + Marketing Solutions has partnered with and Option My Screenplay to provide content for digital shorts, treatments, and feature length screenplays.

Please visit for more information on inquiring Option My Screenplay’s current feature length script, DISORDERED.  DISORDERED is about Jonathan Knight, a rising star athlete, who precariously finds himself an inpatient in Columbia Medical’s eating disorder treatment unit. The only male patient amongst a unit of all females, Jonathan uncovers his own demons & happens to stumble upon love along the way.

Request the 110 page script for production consideration at

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