Film Producer Peter Guber Discusses the Art of Storytelling

Film producer and CEO of motion picture company Mandalay Entertainment, Peter Guber, speaks to Harvard Business Publishing (Harvard University) about the art of using purposeful storytelling to sell and campaign.  Whether the product is a consumer good, a service, or a television pilot, Guber stresses the importance of considering consumers your “audience” rather than a customer.  With this in mind, building strategies on how to engage your “audience” through the creation of compelling stories that appeal to the interest of your audience is key.  Rather than try to convince your audience, establish an emotional connection with them through engaging storytelling.  And ultimately build a loyal following for your brand or cause.




Vogue Magazine is fully embracing digital content, as it has been consistent in producing Vogue Original Shorts for its recently launched channel Vogue Videos.  The latest short, titled, “Scripted Content”, includes Jessica Chastain startling an unsuspecting New Yorker on  a park bench in Tribeca. Check it out!


Some are funny, some are action packed, and at least one is a CGI wonder worthy of its own iMax theatrical release. Yet they are all creative, innovative, and impactful in their own way. AdWeek presents the 21 ads that should absolutely make it all the way to Cannes, and then some.

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